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Clinical Services
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Working in accordance with established policies and procedures and/or specific instructions from the Director of Nursing and Administrator. The Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) is responsible for the twenty-four-hour nursing care of all residents through the performance of the nursing personnel. This position is responsible for providing a “system of care” for residents in a manner and environment that promotes maintenance or enhancement of each resident’s quality of life and provides dignity and respect in full recognition of each resident’s individuality.

The ADON is required to maintain a professional philosophy which grows and adapts to the prevailing philosophy of the industry and imparts this philosophy to the nursing staff. This position is responsible for ensuring that the system of care meets all federal, state, and local regulations.

Essential Job Duties:

Nursing Standards of Performance:

1. Maintain a positive relationship with representatives of government agencies responsible for surveying and inspecting the facility, and with the community health delivery system; take initiative to plan and implement innovative program services that meet resident needs.

2. Maintains clinical skills and stays knowledgeable of current standards of nursing practice through nursing education related to geriatrics.

3. Acts as interim/backup MDS Coordinator.

4. Acts as interim/backup Director of Nursing.

5. Participate in on call schedule as assigned by DON.

6. Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations including corporate compliance and HIPAA Privacy Standards.

7. Participates in annual survey and any federal or state regulatory visits. Assist Administrator with completing plan of corrections as requested by federal and state regulatory agencies.

8. Oversight of all clinical care given to an assigned group of residents as assigned by the Director of Nursing. This includes:

  • Supervise nursing staff to ensure proper documentation is accurate and complete in a timely manner.
  • Audit charts regularly to ensure that accurate and pertinent documentation is being done. Ensure that the physician visits and orders are up to date.
  • Observe and assist in direct resident care.
  • Routinely audits medical and admission records for accuracy.
  • Routinely audits medication carts for proper protocol and any general safety concerns.
  • Develops appropriate action plans and is responsible for follow through.
  • Conduct routine environmental audits with appropriate follow through.
  • Participate in care plan meetings.
  • Works with MDS Coordinator and other nurse supervisors to ensure 48-hour base line care plan is complete per policy and regulation.
  • Follows through on grievances/concerns as assigned by the Grievance Officer/Administrator.
  • Responsible for medication reconciliation.

9. Completes weekly skin program and tracking for all residents and works closely with other supervisors on appropriate interventions and incident reporting.

10. Develops and maintains an effective fall prevention program and tracking for all residents and works closely with other supervisors on appropriate interventions and incident reporting.

11. Develops and maintains an effective infection control program and completes infection tracking.



Degree from accredited school of nursing, Bachelor’s degree in a related field, or equivalent experience, or Associate degree of Nursing. Excellent oral and written communication skills required. Current registration with the State Board of Nurse Examiners.


Experience working with the elderly required. At least one year of organizational or management experience supervising others is required. Geriatric nursing experience required.


Must be a self-starter and highly motivated and able to work independently with a minimum amount of supervision. Requires the use of good judgment and commonsense in the performance of duties. Must be able to evaluate and respond to the needs of staff, clients, and others on a timely basis. Requires good follow-up and time management skills. Must communicate ideas and suggestions to create both quality and cost containment. 

Responsibility To

It is imperative that this person understand and acknowledge the importance of updating the supervisor with any concerns or changes within the community or program.

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1406 Brandon Wilde

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1406 Brandon Wilde

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